Create your world

Miss WANTOK from August 2006 to August 2014.

WANTOK PRODUCTION aimed at strengthening clients’ internal and external communication thanks to a deep dive anthropological approach based on a close relationship with the company culture and its employees’ unique identity. WANTOK PRODUCTION revisited the classical approach of institutional films and contributed to its clients’ corporate citizenship.

WANTOK PRODUCTION was also developing anthropological documentaries in France, Vietnam, Brazil and Kenya with established local co-productions and partnerships.

I created my production company when I was 26 named WANTOK PRODUCTION in August 2006 (I closed the website “wantokworld” and the company in August 2014 to focus on my passion for Athletics for which I recently won a Bronze medal at the World Master). Collaborating with freelancers, other production companies and clients on an international span offered a very stimulating environment, which allowed me to be innovative and creative in my work. My background in Marketing, in Interactive, Journalistic, Broadcasting Communication & Multimedia, and in Anthropology & Documentary Cinema has been a blessing when helping others to achieve their dreams. It was essential for me to share and connect with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. I loved challenges, working with diverse environments, using my creativity to accomplish my work and meet with the employees, clients & suppliers expectations. 
WANTOK PRODUCTION has been a wonderful company and a beautiful adventure – I gave everything I had to develop the projects. Excellence is my duty!

I am more than happy to help you think about your projects and help you structure your ideas and stimulate your creative thinking to achieve YOUR GOALS.

Remember I am next door if you need anything.


4 thoughts on “Create your world

  1. Working with Corinne has been a pleasure; she is a great professional and has some real talents in filming people. Corinne, I miss the time and fun we had together!
    Ariane Labadens, Schlumberger

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  2. Su Corinne teko dirbti prie projekto Vietname. Ji yra aukšto lygio profesionalė, It kentauras, ji suaugusi su kamera. Corinne jautri, dėmesinga detalei, moka girdėti, reaguoti, klausti. Dėl savo projekto/idėjos ji gali kalnus nuversti. Rekomenduoju su ja dirbti
    Vita Vilimaitė Lefebvre Delattre, žurnalas “Moteris”.

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  3. Excellent souvenir de Corinne,assistante mise-en scène sur le film “Un fil à la patte” de Michel Deville.. efficace, positive et toujours souriante !

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